Recently there has been a significant increase in demand and supply of different kinds of handmade soap.
It became a reasonable alternative to soap products that are manufactured commercially.
It is surprising that people do not know that much about soap, a very essential product that we all use on a daily basis for personal hygiene. The only thing we know, that soap is foamy, it can have a different color and a different smell. Anything else ?
One old legend says that on the top of the mountain Sapo in Italy, where paganic sacrifices have taken place, the ash and animal fat, heated by the fire of burning animals, were washed away with rain into the river Tiber.
Women who came to the river to wash their clothes, noticed that in those places where the water ran off the mountain, the water had became foamy and washing clothes became much easier.
Thus, according to this legend, people got to know about soap the very first time. The word "soap" has formed from the name of the mountain Sapo. Furthermore Italian «sapone» means "soap".
More than a dozen centuries have passed since that time. Nowadays we often buy manufactured soap for personal use, which consist of a lot of added chemicals. That soap may still answer hygienic purposes but it’s definitely not the best solution for our skin. That's why handmade soap that is made from natural oils, additives and eco-friendly ingredients of the highest quality, has became so popular.
Handmade soap - it’s not just a soulless piece from the factory conveyor belt. Each and every piece of soap is a small piece of art, in which I put years of my long experience, knowledge of cosmetics and passion to my works. That is why the soap from “ArinKaSoap” brings luck to the buyer and gives not only clean, fresh and velvety skin, but a great mood for the whole day!

Nowadays there are two popular methods of making handmade soap: cold/hot process and melt and pour process. I’ve chosen the second one, because making soap from soapbase is an interesting and creative process. The idea behind is to melt the soap base and to give it certain healthy and esthetic qualities by inputting natural components. After all the required ingredients are added to the molten soap base, it is poured into the mould before it gets too thick and cold.
I decided not to stop here and to improve my soap making skills.  Therefore, I started to study other technologies that are used in different parts of the world. Those are: soap modeling, fuseing & soap carving.
During the last few years I have employed the technique of pouring the soap using water-soluble paper. This method enables the production of soap with pictures, logos, business cards and even photos on the soap intself!
Water-soluble paper, as well as the other materials and ingredients that I use, consist of eco-friendly components and are highly soluble in water, they are absolutely harmless and biodegradable. So, my soaps are beneficial for any skin type as they deeply cleanse the skin allowing it to breath naturally.
Thus, my handmade soaps make your skin “happy” and have a high esthetic value.