Why choose us?

- Self creation. Whole production process from idea to its realization is made by myself. That means that the soap gets to you in the fastest possible way, without any intermediaries or any additional payment.
- Years of experience. After 10 years of productive, intensive and successful work I gained rich experience in making professional gifts, and now I’m happy to share my experience and give some advice to my customers and participants of my workshops.
- Best price. Prices from the producer mean the minimum rate for every particular product.
- Exclusivity. Each soap is a unique piece of work, a piece of art. Purchasing our handmade soaps, you can be sure you have got an exclusive product and a very special gift.
- Assortment. Our range of products is updated with new products on a monthly basic. In case something you're looking for is not available, please see paragraph 6 in the catalogue.
- Participating in the creation process. Participating in the creation process of souvenirs "ArinKaSoap" you will have the opportunity to:
complete, modify or make some variations for any of our gift sets;
apply any personal information, greetings, wishes or photo on soap;
produce souvenir soap according to our technical instructions;
share your ideas and produce them in the form of nice and lovely soaps in a very short period of time.
- Consolidated approach. You can get all the necessary attributes for any celebration in one place: gift sets, greeting cards, enjoyable products. Besides, you receive a bonus - a professional advice how to make your feast-day unforgettable.
- Guarantee of quality, promptness and excellent mood:
I make soaps of the highest quality and promptly as well.
People who receive my handmade soaps, will certainly be happy and satisfied. If the product you bought did not meet your expectations or in case you did not like the souvenir I made, I will refund your purchase price.
- The pleasure of cooperation: Everyone that tried the services of our creative work studio "ArinKaSoap" at least once, has become a regular customer. Without any doubt you will be satisfied with the quality and timely delivery of your order, the level of professionalism and of course with the souvenirs.

The difference between handmade soaps and factory made soaps.

1. The handmade process of producing one single piece of soap is always longer than its industrial analogue.
2. Handmade soap is made as per your request. During the making process you can change or add any details as many times as required in order to reach the optimal results.
3. The product is exclusive and unique. No one else has an exact copy. Even if one makes the same product the second time, it’s still impossible to obtain two absolutely identical products, because each product is handmade created. It’s nice to know that you are the only one who has such a unique item.
4. The soap-maker controls the manufacturing process very carefully because the product keeps his reputation. Hence it’s simply not possible to make low-quality products.
5 Plenty of time is spent on the choice of materials. Finding the required components for soaps such as oils, vitamins & colour ingredients is only the half of the process. One also needs to select a variety of healthy additions to achieve a perfect and ideal combination.
6 There is almost no handmade work included in industrial products. Handmade work requires careful attention to every detail and gives a completely different result, which is impossible to achieve by using a machine. No wonder Coco Chanel has always given preference to hand work.
7. In order to achieve a perfect result, it is necessary to know and understand the whole process of soap making, the consistency of materials and their properties. A worker in a factory is not really aware of such details due to the idustrial mechanisation. But a soap maker undoubtedly does !
8. The master does not economise on quality while the main aim of factories is saving money by reducing the costs and making a profit. The individual projects in the factories are mostly not individual.
9. When ordering our original products nobody will try to sell you products you don’t need. Your wishes will be well noted and handmade master will create a unique item, a piece of art, together with you.
10. Handmade things have soul, character, temperament and a history.