My name is Yana .

I am a soap maker and the founder of the creative studio "ArinKaSoap".

My journey as a soap maker began in 2005, after graduating from High School of soap makers "Art of soap making". Soap-making has always been my sole and favorite hobby, which I have always taken seriously, with passion and enjoyment. Furthermore, I shared my creatures at Artistic and creative exhibitions, and participated in diverse competitions, and I even won the first place a few times. In 2013 I started to organize workshops and to share gained experience with everyone who wanted to start an unusual, interesting and exciting hobby. Thus I met volunteers of   (in old times it was called Charity Society "Rogolevich"), that is engaged in helping children who suffer from severe liver disease.

I decided that by dint of magic soap I can make a small contribution to help the kids. Then I named my activities in honour of my dear little daughter Arina, and began to organize charity workshops and fairs.

This project became successful. We managed to make some money and donate it to the Fund, and my main helpers and supporters were my husband and my daughter. So I have got my two favorite hobbies that go perfectly together: charity and soap making. I don’t spend even one single day in my life without those two activities.