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Symbol of 2017. Small rooster

Crafted soap in the shape of the rooster, Can be offered to close to us people or colleagues as a souvenir. This year promise to be fertile and generous on brilliant, like the feathers of the rooster, events. In terms of love, the new year will bring us a burning passion. And for the babies born this year, the stars promise a great future. You can buy several rooster-shaped soaps at once, to have enough gifts for the New Year. Because we must congratulate our parents, brothers and sisters, nieces and nephews, neighbors and co-workers. 

Ingredients: professional vegetable based soap, glycerine, coconut oil, cosmetic pigments, aroma composition *.

Tax excluded

Do you want to participate in choosing solutions the colors of your soap? You have a chance to think about the design of your own soap, choosing the color, and we will make the idea a reality!

If the color is not selected once you placed the order, the soap maker will choose them up to his mind.

Our shop provides a service of souvenir handmade soap packaging. The price includes the standard wrapping, other packaging options may be viewed in a special section PACKAGE. When you select a package, pay attention to its size.

You want to be sure you chose the right gift? You can find certificates for any amount in the GIFT CERTIFICATES section.

Corporate order for 10 or more pieces goes with a nice discount. 

* Each soap is made of an assortment of high-quality certified materials produced in France, Switzerland, Great Britain and US.


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