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Zodiac signs. Gemini

Is it true that Aries are pushy , Geminis are unstable, Taureans are stubborn and Cancers are emotional ? It is said that the Leos are blessed with a very strong personality, Virgos are sensitive, Scorpios are brave and Librans love to talk. Why is it that the Saggitarians are funny, Pisceans are quiet, and, if we talk about Capricornians, it is all about hard work. Did you know that Aquarians are the creative types? Wise astrology and horoscopes know the answers to all these questions. Don’t know what to give as a present, but you do know the date of birth? Order a medallion with their zodiac sign. This is an original and special gift.

Ingredients: professional vegetable based soap, glycerine, wheat germ oil, cosmetic pigments, aroma composition *.

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Do you want to participate in choosing solutions the colors of your soap? You have a chance to think about the design of your own soap, choosing the main color and the color of little details and we will make the idea a reality!

If the colors are not selected once you placed the order, the soap maker will choose them up to his mind.

In the online store «ArinKaSoap» you can also buy a single-color soap of this item by choosing the same color of little details as the one you chose as a main color. For example, if the chosen main color is BLUE, hence, the color of little details will be ALSO BLUE. This soap does not look less attractive though it is less expensive!

Our shop provides a service of souvenir handmade soap packaging. The price includes the standard wrapping, other packaging options may be viewed in a special section PACKAGE. When you select a package, pay attention to its size.

You want to be sure you chose the right gift? You can find certificates for any amount in the GIFT CERTIFICATES section.

Corporate order for 10 or more pieces goes with a nice discount. 

* Each soap is made of an assortment of high-quality certified materials produced in France, Switzerland, Great Britain and US.


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