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  • 👌Just to remind. 

👼You can always order the cutest souvenir soap for the birth of your baby!  

🧸There are many ready-made options on the site.  

♥️And also we are always happy to help you develop your own design, adding your name to the date of birth! 

💲 There are alsо discounts from 10 peaces.

  • 😷During a pandemic, when workshops are prohibited, but you still want to make your  children happy and and let them smile😃, you can create soap yourself. 

💥Our sets and detailed illustrated instructions for them will help you with this. 

📲Contact us, and we will definitely help you.

👩‍💻 All you need you can find in our webshop. 

  • 🌹Our new concentrated fragrances are very economical to use and they smell just incredible. 

☝️And above it all you can get them for an afordable  price . 5 ml is only 1.50 euro.

👌This volume will be enough to create one kilo of fragranced soap !

  • ⚽️Football is an interesting team game. It is so loved around the world! 

⚽️The play connects people everywhere and makes the hearts of game lovers beat faster. This is even regardless of whether we support our favorite team or play football in the garden with friends! 

⚽️Soap in the form of a football ball is definitely a great gift for someone who cannot imagine their life without football.

⚽️For them we made a wonderful set of football balls and a football field. 

🎁In the “packaging” section, you can pick up an excellent giftwrap for this wonderful gift.

  • 🎉Great news for soap makers! 

🧚‍♀️Now our bases: white, transparent, with shea butter and base with goat's milk are available in convenient 6 kg packaging. 

🤸‍♀️And as usual, for the best price in Europe. 

💰From 6.50 euros per kilogram.

  • ☝️There are 3 different sizes  of the starter kit available on our website , 💰and the cost starts from 12.75 euros.

📦 Inside you will find everything you need, including instructions.

 📞And if you still have any questions, we are always in touch to help you with an advice ! 

🧚‍♀️With creative greetings

  • 😍Happiness is seeing the smile on a child's face as they learn.

🧚‍♀️ As they learn to make somethings new, different , interesting. 

🤩We saw it many times during our soap making masterclass. 🧚‍♀️The world of soap making will be for sure a pleasure for boys as well for girls of any age .

👌It is very simple, just order the starter kit  and see by yourself.

  • 🤔What is the advantage of new fragrances?

👌Saturated, persistent and of course high quality. 

🏅One of the best manufacturers in the world. 

🌷Suitable for different purposes : Soap (Cold Process / Melt and pour) , Bath & Body Products ,Room Scenting etc. Concentrated! 

💧Just a couple of drops per 100 grams are enough.  And they leave a rich aroma in the soap for more than 2-3 years.

  • 👦Boys like to make soap too.

👌Therefore, on our website, in the "forms" section, you can easily find both airplanes and cars. 

😉Having created the soap on their own, your child will be happy to wash their hands with it !

  • 🔥New products in our webshop arinkasoap.com.

💧Concentrated fragrance oils 

🌷Already loved by everyone aromas of lavender, tulip, apple.

🦋And of course new items - incredible coconut and lime, summer cucumber and melon, the most delicate aroma Butterfly hug. 

👩‍💻Visit the website and let yourself be seduced by the magic of the scents!

  • 🧼Soap bars for daily use with incredible scent and skin-friendly additives. 

⬆️All this you can buy in our online store arinkasoap.com

💫Keep it simple and stay safe !

  • 🐇Soap in the form of cute animals, bunnies, dogs, teddy bears, you can easily find all this on our website. 

🐻This soap is sure to please both children and adults! 

💓Give your loved ones emotions.

  • 🧼Personalized soap "Logo (little rectangle)" is presented  to give you an example.

✅This article is designed to each of your order. It is an exclusive and vibrant present.

✅It can accommodate any picture, business card, greetings, personal comments and even photos. 

✅You can upload your layout to the special field under the description, send your layout by mail info@arinkasoap.be or to entrust our expert of graphic design to create the layout.

  • 😍And who is so cute there? 

😍Who is it in a bathrobe, with a tummy and so serious? 

🤗Certainly it is "Teddy Bear in a bathrobe", handmade soap. It's like he just came out of the sauna, wrapped himself in a towel and bathrobe, and waits for her mistress. 

💫It is a super cute creation beloved by everyone without exception. This soap does not leave anyone indifferent and will be a great souvenir, both for adult and child.

For order ⬆️arinkasoap.com

  • 🧚‍♀️Beautiful, isn't it ?

👀 You probably saw it many times ? 

🌈The soap bars made from different colors with incredible swirls. How do they do it ? Well there is many ways to make a swirl soap ( that’s how it call’s) , The simplest one is to make it from the swirl melt and pour soap base ( you can find in our webshop) .

🧼This base has a more viscous consistency.

🌈Add some nice colors and your favorite fragrance oil pour and swirl it with some wooden skewer. Enjoy your creativity, always different

⬆️Please visit our web shop arinkasoap.com to buy this soap base and many other soapmaking related products.