Glycerine Soap Base: Create Your Own Luxurious Soap

Looking to make luxurious, high-quality soap that leaves your skin feeling silky smooth? Look no further than our premium cast & glycerin soap (Melt & Pour Soap Base). With our versatile soap base, you can easily make your own beautiful, handmade soap that is sure to impress.

Soap Base Shea Butter

For extra care and hydration, our soap base shea butter is an excellent choice. Shea butter is known for its nourishing properties, so your soap not only cleanses but also conditions and moisturises your skin. Perfect for a luxurious, silky-smooth experience.

Soap base Clear condensation & sweat-free

Our soap base clear allows you to create transparent, radiant soaps. Simply add colouring and fragrance to create a soap that not only looks beautiful, but smells great too.

Soap Base White condensation & sweat-free

If you prefer a classic, opaque soap, our soap base white is just what you need. Easily create your own beautiful, soft pastel-coloured soaps that impress.

DIY soap making

With our moulding soap, the possibilities are endless. DIY soap making is fun and easy with our high-quality soap base. Start today and discover how creative and satisfying it is to make your own soap.

Glycerine Soap Base

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Moulding soap / Soap base Swirl Transarant SLS Free

106 Points
Key Features: Filler particles (scrubs, spices) do not sink to the bottom of the mould, as with a conventional bottom. Layers run

Soap base / Casting soap with organic SHEA BOTTER, SLS and Palm oil FREE, White

110 Points
Experience the opulence of our white SHEA BOTER soap base, infused with the natural goodness of unrefined shea butter from Ghana. Our unique technique retains all the benefits of the shea butter in the soap, resulting in a luxurious, rich and creamy experience for your skin.


Sweat-free moulding soap / glicerin soap base White, SLS Free

 10,55 94,00
106-880 Points
Meet our improved soap base, with an innovative formula that holds up even under the most adverse storage conditions! Tested at a temperature of 20 degrees and 80% humidity, it exhibits resistance to "sweating" (unpleasant drops of glycerine appearing on the soap), which you can only dream of!

Sweat-free moulding soap transparent/ glicerin soap base, SLS Free

 10,55 94,00
106-880 Points
Discover our advanced soap base and experience the power of our innovative formula that holds up under even the most challenging storage conditions! Our soap has been tested at a temperature of 20 degrees and 80% humidity, and it shows impressive resistance to "sweating" - those pesky drops of glycerin that often appear on soap. A dreamlike solution for creative soapmakers!

Moulded soap / Soap base Super Clear, SLS - Free, Vanilla Stable

78 Points

Transparent glycerine-based vegetable-based moulding soap without Sodium Lauryl Sulphate and Palm oil