We offer you the opportunity to become a partner of our company and get access to our products and services on favourable terms.

We are a manufacturer of high-quality products popular with consumers.

We are prepared to offer you a wide range of products at competitive prices, as well as discounts for large orders :

  • Original soaps in different shapes, fragrances and colours
  • Soap with logo
  • Personalised soap with photo and/or text
  • Unique bouquets that will never wilt. Tailor-made floral arrangements for every occasion
  • Soap for christening sugar, original wedding thank yous and other thank you gifts with the lovely fragrance and in the colour of your choice
  • High-quality supplies to make your own soap: soap base/casting soap, fragrance oil, silicone moulds, cosmetic pigments, etc.
  • Bespoke moulds to make soap, candles, epoxy/resin art etc with your specific shape and logo



1. Participate in our consignment programme. This programme is designed to help your company sell our products without prior purchase and risk of unsold goods.

Our consignment programme works as follows:

  • You choose the products you want to sell from our range and we deliver them to your business.
  • You sell the products to your customers and pay us only for the goods sold.
  • Any unsold products will be returned to us and you will not pay any fees for this.
  • This programme allows you to sell our products without financial risk while providing your customers with high-quality products.

2. Are you already our customer and convinced of the unbeatable quality of our products? Da we offer the most advantageous cooperation option: large discounts for wholesalers. Our discounts for large orders are as high as 70%!

As a wholesale customer, you benefit not only from our high-quality products, but also from our competitive prices. By purchasing large quantities of products, you can take advantage of our attractive discounts and thus increase your profit margins. Moreover, we can also deliver to you quickly and efficiently so that you never run out of stock.

3. Ability to brand our products individually for your business.

Selling original and quality products can be a great way to expand your business. It can improve your reputation, increase customer satisfaction, increase sales and provide opportunities for future growth.

We believe our partnership programme will be mutually beneficial and help your business grow and develop.

If you are interested in our partnership programme, please contact us using the contact details provided to discuss partnership opportunities.

We are also open to suggestions and new ideas.