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Soap cutter

Do you dream of making your own beautiful soap creations, perfectly cut? With this set of tools for perfect soap carving, that dream becomes a reality! Soap carving has never been so easy and engaging!

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In this set you will find:

  • 1 wooden soap cutter: cut freshly prepared soap into even slices using this handy wooden soap cutter. Perfect for achieving a professional look.
  • 1 rectangular soap mould: this rectangular soap mould is ideal for moulding soap. You can vary endlessly with colours, scents and decorations to make unique soap creations.
  • 1 wooden soap mould: the mould does not bend under the pressure of pouring, and the edges look perfectly straight!
  • 1 straight soap cutter: give your soap a perfect look with this straight soap cutter. It allows you to cut soap blocks to size and correct any imperfections.
  • 1 wave soap cutter: add a touch of elegance to your soap with the wave soap cutter. It allows you to create beautiful wavy edges for a luxurious look.


Dimensions of the Straight Soap Cutter: 15.2 x 10.9 centimetres

Dimensions of the Wave Soap Cutter: 18.5 x 11.9 centimetres

Material Soap mould: High-quality silicone

Soap tin capacity: 1200 millilitres


With this set of soap making and cutting tools, you can unleash your creative potential and effortlessly create unique soap creations that not only smell great, but also look fantastic. Get started and enjoy the soap-making process!

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